Thursday, May 22, 2014

The lure of books

It’s been a long while since I posted on this blog. I’ve no excuses, other than being busy with my latest book. However, that’s been out for two weeks already, and still I haven’t written anything.

I’ve spent most of my time – spare and that which I could ill spare – catching up with my reading. Quite a few great books have come out this past year that I haven’t had time to read. And new ones are published all the time, adding to my reading pile – or making it impossible to shorten the pile as I tend to jump to the newest publication.

Last weekend it was the latest Charley Davidson book that captured my interest. Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones was officially published yesterday, but my favourite bookstore had it on display already on Saturday, so of course I had to get it immediately. And I had to read it instantly too, so that I could finish it before it was officially published. Don’t ask why that matters. It just does.

My favourite bookstore often has new books on display before they are officially published. They receive the books well in advance so that they can be ready on the actual day. It probably works well for them to put them on sale early too, especially when it comes to popular series. I can’t be the only customer who browses the shelves for an occasional early bird.

Theres another thing lures me to the store too, a ‘Paperback Passport’ as they call it. I get a stamp for every paperback I buy and get the tenth book free. Every time I’ve filled one and got my free book, I make a decision not to start another one. I have shelves overflowing with books as it is. And every time I take a new passport anyway. I started a new one in March and already I’m only two books short of a free book. How did that happen?

Despite my decision of buying eBooks to save space, I still buy physical books. Little perks like early access and free books keep me buying them even though many eBooks are cheaper than physical ones. A free book is a free book, even though I spend more money earning it than I would if I bought the same books as eBooks.

But it’s not just perks that lure me to bookstores. I like books, plain and simple. A book is a beautiful object. I like how they feel, and how they smell too. So, despite my decisions, books will continue to lure me, not just for their contents, but as physical objects too.