Saturday, August 28, 2021

Fortune and Glory by Janet Evanovich: review

4/5 stars on Goodreads

Fortune and Glory by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum has advanced to her twenty-seventh adventure in Fortune and Glory. After several years of the series staling pretty badly, the last couple of books have been more interesting. There’s even been a continuing storyline between the books.

Stephanie’s grandmother married a mobster a couple of books ago, only to be widowed an hour later. Her late husband’s mob buddies are convinced that she has the keys to a safe where they have hidden a great treasure. She does have them, but doesn’t know where the safe is. In the previous book, Stephanie and Grandmother were taken hostage so that they would give up the keys, which they didn’t. The case continues in this book.

The worst of the mobsters are still free and they’re bringing in big guns. Stephanie barely escapes with her life a couple of times, and she’s still no closer finding the treasure. And there’s a new player in town, Gabriella, a female version of Ranger, who seems to be after the treasure too.

But not everything is deathly serious. There are the less dangerous skips to trace that give Stephanie hilarious trouble. George Potts is especially tenacious in his belief that he’s now her bodyguard. Lula is her voluptuous self, but actually helpful for a change with her contacts of street girls. And there’s the usual on-again, off-again relationship with Morelli, currently in its off stage, which gives room for Ranger to sweep in. At this point in the series it’s safe to say that the romances are never advancing anywhere.

There was a good balance between danger and mayhem. And if the danger was equally over the top as the mayhem, it felt like Stephanie was genuinely putting herself at risk. Since I’ve given up on her romances, they didn’t cause any emotional upheavals, except for Stephanie. But I ended to book feeling like I want to read more of these books, which is a change. There’s hope for this series yet.

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