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The Wolf by J. R. Ward: review

4/5 stars on Goodreads

The Wolf by J. R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp is a spin-off of the original BDB series, and The Wolf is the second book. It follows a group of vampires and wolven who are kept in a secret prison camp, some for decades. It’s heavy on original BDB characters though, this time Vishious.

The Wolf follows Lucan, a vampire-wolven hybrid who’s been thrown in the prison by his wolven relations for being a mixed breed. He’s given some freedom, however, to handle the drug trade the prison relies on. On one such mission, he runs into Rio, an undercover cop who is about to learn the hard way that her cover has been blown.

Since there’s nowhere else to go, Luke brings her to the prison camp. She goes through most of the book without understanding that the people around her aren’t exactly normal human. For a cop, she’s amazingly incurious about it. She’s had a blow to her head though, and she’s more than a little distracted by Luke.

This was once again an insta-love/bonding story where the male decides that the female is for him. Why though, is never entirely clear, and why she falls for him under the straining conditions isn’t clear either. Lust is obvious; love not so much. But they have great need save the other and both work towards it until the final showdown.

The action parts were good. Rio is a no-nonsense cop who can handle herself, and Luke is a long-time prisoner who somehow has managed to retain his identity. Together they were more like an action duo than a romantic couple.

Meanwhile, the brothers work towards finding the prison camp. They’re taking quite a roundabout way to it though, and don’t come even close the whole time. Maybe in the next book. There are three more prisoners to go.

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