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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun vol. 5 by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou: review

5/5 stars on Goodreads

The Husky and His Wite Cat Shizun vol. 5 by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou

The most satisfying volume so far, emotionally. It’s the wedding of Nangong Si, Chu Wanning’s former disciple, and Song Qiutong, Mo Ran’s wife in his previous life whom he hates. The reader was given to understand already in the previous volume that something big was going to happen during the wedding, but it went beyond even that.

The pre-wedding feast is ruined by accusations of a masked intruder, that Song Qiutong has not been chaste and that she’s carried a relationship with Nangong Si’s best friend, Ye Wangxi, who saved her from being sold as a slave. That led to a stunning revelation that I didn’t see coming. But it was only a start.

A rift opens to a demon realm, and when Mo Ran and Chu Wanning go to investigate, they learn it’s done by the enemy they’ve been chasing for years. But the truth behind their identity is nothing either them or the reader expect, and the reason for their actions comes a bit out of the blue. But what is revealed causes a literal inferno that sends everyone to fleeing for their lives.

Mo Ran and Chu Wanning take shelter in a remote fishing village and there we finally come to the best part: feelings. Both are really bad expressing them, and both believe their feelings aren’t returned, so there’s a lot of angst to get past before we get a confession. Nothing happens, but it’s very satisfying nonetheless.

There’s no cliff-hanger ending this time, but nothing is solved yet. And the way things were left, taking back their confessions is entirely possible too. I’ll have to read on to find out.

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