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Another Day, Another Partner by Rachel Mucha: review

4/5 stars on Goodreads

Another Day, Another Partner by Rachel Mucha

Another Day, Another Partner is the debut novel of Rachel Mucha, and it’s a good one; well-written and nicely paced. Action and comedy are well-balanced. However, for a series called Partners in Passion, its not at all steamy, and the only bedroom activity is sleeping.

Lulu Martinelli is a cop in a tiny town in Rhode Island, mostly because she didn’t have any other plans after college and made her father, the captain, hire her. After several partners have quit her during the past year because she’s been impossible after a breakup with the love of her life and her first partner, Rob, she’s assigned yet another one, Dominic Delgado.

Dom is a Boston cop recuperating in a small town after a bad drug bust where his partner was killed. He’s easy-going and not about to let Lulu get on his nerves. But the small-town peace is disrupted when the drug lord’s people show up, and at their heels arrives Lulu’s ex.

This was a fun and fast-paced read. Slightly predictable, but in a good way that made the reader anticipate the twists. Lulu was no-nonsense, slightly accident-prone, but not in an overly comical way, and nicely self-aware. The narrative was in first person from her point of view and her inner musings were fun to follow. Dom was a great, grownup man who was good at his work, secure enough to handle a woman as a partner, and fun to be around. Together they made a great couple, in more ways than one.

Side characters were kept at minimum, which was a good choice. The most important ones were Lulu’s sister Val and their father, who were both properly fleshed out and not mere props. They make a great supporting cast if the series continues with same characters.

The book wraps up nicely, so if this a stand-alone and the next book is about different people, it leaves the reader satisfied. But I for one would like to read more about Lulu and Dom.

I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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